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Bitter Melon and Goji

    Researchers from Bohai University discovered fermentation technology to create yoghurt with bitter melon and goji, which is published in the journal Science and Technology of Food Industry.

    With aspartame and acesulfame potassium replacing sugar, researchers used milk, skim milk powder, goji and bitter melon to produce yoghurt. They found the optimal fermentation circumstance: lactobacillus l. d. Bulgaricus and Str. Thermophilus strain (1:1, 3% ); 0.010% sweetener (aspartame : acesulfame potassium=1∶1); 1.5% bitter melon; 3% goji juice; 2% skim milk powder; 42 ℃ for 4 hours.

    Researchers believed that the functional yoghurt with low suger will have great opportunity in the future.

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