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Mango Leaves Extract

Mango Leaves Extract


1) Product name:  Mango leaves extract Mango leaf extract powder

2) Plant Used:  Leaf an Fruit(100% natural)

3) Appearance:   Light brown powder (different purity and different color)

4) Specification :10:1; 20:1;30:1

5) Test method  : HPLC

6) Molecular formula:  C19H18O12

7) CAS: 4773-96-0

8) Molecular Weight: 422.33

9) Introduction:

Mango leaves extract powder is derived from the seed of a west african tree also sometimes referred to as African Mango, Wild Mango or Bush Mango. The tree produces fleshy yellow fruit which contain large fibrous seeds, sometimes called Dika nuts. The people of west africa have used the fruit and seeds of irvingia gabonensis as a source of food and for medicinal purposes for generations.


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